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Love the products you brought with you the other week. The lotion has virtually eliminated any knee pain from long runs (like marathons).  I just order two of the gift sets – one for me, one for a running buddy. I’m a believer! I do about 8 full 26.2 marathons a year – and at age 54, my knees do start to feel it.  But they are 100% better.  Of course, I use it daily.



After struggling with extremely high blood pressure for over 10 years, my blood pressure is now excellent! 120/90When I had a thorough checkup at my doctor's office, I got the results.  My doctor cannot attribute the drop in my blood pressure to anything else except the CBD tincture I have been taking daily.  At the time of my checkup, I had been faithfully using the CBD for over 2 months!Thank you Appalachian Growers!! You are a game-changer and a life-changer!


I had purchased a bottle of your CBD/CBG tablets and I wanted to let you know what I thought. 

They are amazing. I suffer from migraines and an "every day" headache. I suffered all day to day with a migraine, from work stress and lack of sleep. I took 2 of my prescription headache tablets and a nap with NO relief. I remembered the CBD/CBG tablets and took one. Within About 45 minutes my pain is completely gone!. This has helped me also with other headaches this month. But today was so bad, I wished I took a tablet sooner. I really enjoy your CBD flower but the tablets are so convenient to carry in my purse. Also, your product has helped with anxiety, sleep and over all feel better. I was wondering if you were going to put the tablets on monthly subscription? A cost savings would be great!

I've tried CBD oil and capsules from other companies before finding your company, I appreciate it being local and organic, mold and pesticide free. 


I discovered your product when I visited the hemp convention in Atlanta, Ga looking for an organic full spectrum CBD oil. Just wanted to take a second to say I really love your product and have been using it ever since. Super stoked for you guys getting USDA certified.


Hey Lori!  You won't believe what I did this time....Yesterday at the store I was upstairs working in our office..  Bill called up needing some help with customers so I grabbed a box and rushed down to help him...big mistake on stairs! I'm not even sure exactly what happened but as I was nearing the bottom I somehow missed a step and went flying down and into the wall on the bottom of the stairs! At first I thought just my ego was bruised but it didn't take long for me to realize pretty much everything was bruised! By the time I got home I could barely walk my dog! I wanted to ice my knee, back etc but didn't have time to sit down and do that, so in the meantime I used the 2400 mg roll on everywhere I possibly could.  Before I even got around to using ice my wrist and knee were already almost like nothing had happened!  I was afraid I would be so sore when I got up this morning but the only areas that hurt were where I couldn't reach with the roll on! That stuff is AMAZING!  Thank you!


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