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I discovered your product when I visited the hemp convention in Atlanta, Ga looking for an organic full spectrum CBD oil. Just wanted to take a second to say I really love your product and have been using it ever since. Super stoked for you guys getting USDA certified.


Love the products you brought with you the other week. The lotion has virtually eliminated any knee pain from long runs (like marathons).  I just order two of the gift sets – one for me, one for a running buddy. I’m a believer! I do about 8 full 26.2 marathons a year – and at age 54, my knees do start to feel it.  But they are 100% better.  Of course, I use it daily.



I had purchased a bottle of your CBD/CBG tablets and I wanted to let you know what I thought. 

They are amazing. I suffer from migraines and an "every day" headache. I suffered all day to day with a migraine, from work stress and lack of sleep. I took 2 of my prescription headache tablets and a nap with NO relief. I remembered the CBD/CBG tablets and took one. Within About 45 minutes my pain is completely gone!. This has helped me also with other headaches this month. But today was so bad, I wished I took a tablet sooner. I really enjoy your CBD flower but the tablets are so convenient to carry in my purse. Also, your product has helped with anxiety, sleep and over all feel better. I was wondering if you were going to put the tablets on monthly subscription? A cost savings would be great!

I've tried CBD oil and capsules from other companies before finding your company, I appreciate it being local and organic, mold and pesticide free. 


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