A Letter from Our Food Safety Department's Compliance Manager

Valued Customer,


At Appalachian Growers, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality product possible produced under the strictest standards of Food Safety and Quality Assurance available today. In a highly competitive and new industry such as the hemp sector, we at Appalachian Growers wanted to take the time to remind all of our customers and clientele about the importance of purchasing hemp products from reputable, regulated and verified producers. 

The products that we distribute are produced in-house under the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards that have been established for manufacturers in our industry. We have developed a rigorous quality control and traceability system using third-party standards that ensures the final integrity of our products. In addition, our distribution center functions on a daily:


  • Cleaning, washing, and sanitization schedule that has been inspected by a neutral third-party.

  • We have performed and evaluated risk assessments for all departments, analyzed control points

  • Have a comprehensive waste management plan to ensure that we can continually bring the public the best possible product while minimizing our impact on the environment around us 

Our employees and personnel must adhere to the strictest standards of hygiene and frequent handwashing while handling product. All employees and visitors are required to abide by these stringent hygiene standards, and these documents have also been reviewed by a neutral third-party. Employees and personnel are required to wear adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) when handling and packaging product, which includes, but is not limited to:


  • Gloves, face masks and hair nets

At Appalachian Growers, we place high importance on the value and roles of our employees, as well as the loyalty that our customers and clients have given us.

We take pride in the products we produce and the farming practices we have developed and learned from others. We are committed to always bringing you the highest quality and safest hemp products, and we thank you for trusting us and helping us accomplish this vision every day.  

The Appalachian Growers Food Safety Department

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