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Article: Appalachian Growers Achieves GMP Certification!

Appalachian Growers Hemp Products Achieves Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification

Appalachian Growers Achieves GMP Certification!

We have some exciting news for you…

We at Appalachian Growers are excited to announce that we have achieved GMP certification for our packaging and distribution center! This means that our facility, logs, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), have been rigorously reviewed by an impartial third-party, approved by our certifier, Ceres Certifications International, and were found to be in conformance with the Primus Standard GMP guidelines for processing centers. Nowadays consumers are increasingly mindful of where their food and other ingestible products come from, and with so many hemp companies to choose from, how do you select a truly quality product?

What is GMP Certification?

GMP is an acronym that stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and to be GMP certified, means that a particular manufacturer or processor has demonstrated a documented regulatory commitment to implement and uphold the strictest food safety standards available to ensure the delivery of a product that is consistent and controlled according to current quality standards. In the hemp and cannabis industry, importance is generally placed primarily on test results such as:

  • potency 

  • pesticides and heavy metals

  • microbial analyses. 

While these tests are an essential piece to knowing the quality of your cannabis, this testing profile does not cover the production practices involved in creating the product that you are about to ingest. 

So what does GMP Certification cover?

Good Manufacturing Practice certification encompasses all aspects of the production process, from the original raw materials, to sanitation practices, to the staff involved in production. Systems are written and put into place to ensure that staff is following each step in production procedures, and logs are reviewed by a neutral third-party to verify as proof that these practices are followed correctly. Every time a product is made, it is recorded and traceable back to its source in the event of a contamination or defect. From the pre-roll machine to the hygiene of the employee, these practices are up to the GMP standards that the FDA has written and implemented. 

Remember: Good Manufacturing Practices yield good quality. Appalachian Growers seeks to set an industry-wide standard of food safety, quality assurance, transparency, and compliance. With our GMP certification, we aim to provide:

  • Peace of mind for our customers

  • Traceability for our clients

  • Accountability to the public 

We value every person that chooses to select our products, and we believe that our customers deserve to be assured that we refuse to compromise our commitment to quality in bringing them the very best hemp selection possible.

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