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Article: CBD & Muscle Recovery

CBD & Muscle Recovery

CBD & Muscle Recovery

CBD & Muscle Recovery 

Redefining the Active Lifestyle 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become known for its calming and pain-relieving effects, especially among people with chronic pain conditions. Additionally, it is increasing in popularity between another subset of the population: athletes and gym fans. In fact, many people who love exercising have adopted CBD into their pre and post workout routines. 

In our previous blog post, we wrote about CBD’s components, benefits, and uses. Since it has shown to relieve inflammation, this cannabinoid paves an interesting route for soothing sore muscles and inflammation caused by running, HIIT, and cross-fit. Read on to learn more about how CBD can enhance your workout routine and help you accomplish your wellness goals.

Exercise and CBD

Athletes are always ready –and they know how to stay healthy. Most of their wellness habits include proper sleep, watching their diet, supporting their immune system, and strengthening their physical bodies. As of a few years ago, not many had heard of CBD in the sports arena. However, today, many athletes use CBD in their daily lives.

The way most athletes and gym-goers use CBD is with topical products, like CBD lotions, salves, and balms. These can be applied directly onto the affected area after exercising. Most people begin to feel relief in a short amount of time. 


Fun Fact

Did you know that we get the famous “Runner’s High” not simply from endorphins, but from our endocannabinoids being stimulated while we exercise?  

Tara Laferrara, former sprinter and NASM certified personal trainer, spoke with Men’s Health regarding CBD. She was first introduced to it after Colorado legalized cannabis in 2014. CBD helped her manage the joint inflammation she would get after heavy lifting sessions. 

One of our very own Appalachian Growers customers, owner of wellness store Mountain Valley Health Foods, sent us this review of our recently-launched now best-seller Appalachian Growers CBD Sports Roll On:

I wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing the 2400mg CBD Roll-On is! I get nerve pain down my arm occasionally from whiplash and during this move I've had to lift what seems like hundreds of totes/boxes! The nerve pain was almost unbearable yesterday...fingers were going numb. I put the roll-on on, and I started to feel improvement within 10 minutes. Within half an hour, the pain was probably 90% gone! I've kept applying it and now I barely notice the pain was there...AND I slept like a baby! Thanks so much for offering such an amazing product! 

Is there Evidence that CBD Helps with Muscle Recovery? 

The article “Cannabidiol and Sports Performance” from Sports Medicine-Open, states that CBD has shown to have anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and analgesic effects in animal models. While there aren’t specific studies on CBD and athletes just yet, it is assumed that because of CBD’s properties, it can also promote muscle recovery. 

There are many studies with evidence to show the potential benefits of CBD regarding chronic pain, acute pain, and inflammation. In a 2020 study in New Zealand, 400 cancer patients reported improvements in their quality of life and pain management after incorporating CBD into their treatment. A different study in Frontiers in Pharmacology suggests that CBD can provide therapeutic benefit for those with chronic pain conditions.

Best Appalachian Growers CBD Products for Active Lifestyles

In another post, we spotlighted our Full Spectrum CBD Salve and our Full Spectrum CBD Lotion. Our customers have been using these to nourish their bodies after exercising for months. 

Fun fact: It was their suggestion to create a specific CBD product geared toward workout enthusiasts! 

Here we go…

Full Spectrum CBD Sports Roll-On.

Feel the relief of our 2400mg CBD infused Sport Roll-On. Whether you are looking to soothe your muscles after jogging or simply wishing to relieve stress from the day, the blend of our organic, full spectrum CBD and powerful essential oils will nourish and alleviate your skin. This non-oily solution is perfect even if you are sweaty.

Appalachian Growers 2400mg Sport Roll On



The demand for CBD is increasing among athletes and gym-goers. CBD has shown to relieve pain and soothe inflammation, which accelerates muscle recovery. While CBD is not a magic cure to our health issues (as stated in misleading advertisements), it is a great, natural remedy. Along with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, we recommend adding CBD to a set of healthy habits that boost your wellbeing. 

Appalachian Growers Shout Out 

Did you know that one of our founders, Lori, was a personal trainer for years? She loves using our products to control pain and inflammation from years of gymnastics, softball, running, and weight training. 


Written By: Pamela Jertberg






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