Appalachian Growers Hemp Education Blog

  • What is Hemp, How Is It Different from Marijuana and What Is It Used for?

    You may have heard the terms: Hemp, CBD, CBG, THC, Marijuana, Cannabis, Cannabinoid, etc. be thrown around - But, really - what is hemp?   Both ...
  • A Letter from Our Food Safety Department's Compliance Manager

    Learn about Appalachian Growers' food safety practices that demonstrate our commitment to bringing you the highest quality product possible.
  • How to Choose the Right Hemp Oil for Me?

    How to take CBD oil. How to choose hemp oil to purchase. CBD oil near me in Franklin, North Carolina. Appalachian Growers full spectrum oil is made with our USDA organic hemp, adhering to strict production practices. Know the source of your hemp oil, learn about extraction methods, concentrations, and dosage.
  • What is the Endocannabinoid System?

    Appalachian Growers CBD hemp products. What is the endocannabinoid system? How to take CBD oil? Full spectrum hemp and 1500mg concentration. What are cannabinoids? How is hemp different from marijuana? Less than 0.3 THC. Organic hemp flower grown in North Carolina. Hemp blog.